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Consoles Gaming Rentals 

Casual Gamer

(Total of 6 Consoles)


$25 per addition setup
6 Consoles of your choice
4 Hours of Rental Time

Happy Gamer

(Total of 12 Consoles)


$15 per Addition Setup
12 Consoles of Your Choice
4 Hours of Rental Time

Hardcore Gamer

(20 plus Consoles)


Classic and Current Consoles
20+ Systems to Use
4 Hours of Rental Time

Birthday Parties

Looking to get the perfect birthday party that is different from the rest? Host a E.O.S.S & PCG birthday party and have everyone excited. Get current systems like PS4 and Xbox One to the classic like regular Nintendo. Book your party now.

Tournament Organizer

Have a tournament you are trying to host but don't have all the equipment or staffing to do so? Book E.O.S.S & PCG to help with streaming, tournament organizers and more. Let's together for a great tournament.

Event Hosting

Trying to run an event and out of ideas? E.O.S.S & PCG can help with some creative events and bring gaming into your project. Either team building for businesses, school fundraisers or even spice up your local business E.O.S.S & PCG can help.