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Agency Disc Jockey Conduct Guidelines

All Disc Jockeys booked by Entertainment One Stop Shop LLC must conform to the following set of DJ conduct guidelines at all agency bookings.

Dress Code
 Tuxedos are worn at all formal functions. Unless otherwise specified, a suit or sports jacket will be worn at all other functions. Casual outdoor summer performances, client's special dress requests or costume parties are exceptions.

Stage Set-Up
DJ equipment and accessories will be neat, orderly and set up in a manner that not only looks professional, but also protects against any person being harmed by tripping over cables, power cords or speaker stands. Loose wires are taped down. DJ tables are professionally skirted.

 The volume of the performance (particularly during the cocktail hour and throughout dinner) will be set at a moderate level that permits comfortable conversation at the tables (without yelling). It is normal to increase this volume for dance music after the meal as judged necessary by the DJ based on the size of the audience. The client has the final say.

 Professional Disc Jockeys do not drink liquor, eat or smoke on stage while in the midst of a performance. Being fed at the function is a courtesy that is the option of the client. If invited to eat, the meal must be eaten off stage. Coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices or water are permitted by the agency, onstage or off.

Music Selection
The music at the function should be based not only on requests from the client and the audience but also on the DJ's experience. Our experienced DJs "read the crowd" and then select the best mixture of danceable music to make the function enjoyable for every age group. DJ Request Songlists are available.

 As Master of Ceremonies, the DJ will handle all formal and informal announcements throughout the function. Our experienced MCs are very careful never to say anything "off-color" over the microphone or embarrass or insult any member or segment of the audience. A drunken guest "abusing" a polite DJ should be spoken to by the client or hall management as quickly as possible.

 All customers are sent a self-addressed, stamped evaluation card to be completed & returned following a performance by any of the agency's DJ entertainers. In this manner, all of our DJs are subject to frequent, honest re-evaluation based upon the customer's observations and comments. Customers are also given a copy of this DJ conduct guideline in advance, so that they know the high level of professionalism to expect from the DJ4hunna Company.

Digital Music Library

We play a variety of different genres of music which range from Kids Disney Songs for Kids , Cape Verde, Reggae, Reggae ton, Soca,  Kompa, Zouk,Neo Soul, Calypso, Hip-Hop, Rap, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, R&B, TOP 40, House, Techno, and Trance And much more. We will tailor the music we play to the event and the crowd interests. We use turntables to play for our events, which allow us to play music from both our laptops and CDs.


Depending on the size of the event space, we will bring enough  speakers to ensure that the sound quality is excellent.